Formwork & False Work


MSF Shuttering & Formwork


Pier - Elliptical Vase Shape Pier

Elliptical shape with both sides curvature formwork having Vase Shape with rubber lining

Dimensions : 4 Mtr. (H) Single Pour, 4 Mtr. Radious at top on one side.


Pier & Pier Cap

India's one of the most prestigious project for Banglore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL)


Eliptical Shape Pier

1600 MM * 2500 MM with steel Groves

Pier was designed for 17 Mtr. Single Pour

Eliptical Flare : Flaring from 1600 MM * 2500 MM to 2400 MM * 2500 MM

Height of the Flare : 1.5 Mtr.


Hexagonal Pier with Steel Grooves


6300 MM (H) & Flaring Portion 3000 MM (H) in 'Y' Shape


Capsule Shape Pier Cap with Steel Grooves & Flare Portion


Pier & Pier Cap with the Bracket Support to Pier Cap


'L' Bracket Support to pier Cap


Casting of Pier & Pier Cap


Capsule Shape Pier Cap (Bracket Support with through Bolting) with TRUSS Staging


Box Girder


Cross Section of Casting Pit with bottom Slab and internal and external Web Formwork alongwith Cantilever and carriage way formwork


Box Girders are casted with majority of standard size from work plates, which were to be reused as other form work plates. These girders are supported by Trussels and standard cup lock system




Height of Girder 2250 MM Straignt view length 21480 MM


Height of Girder 1750 MM Straignt view length 33000 MM